Kingdom People #1: Anti-Racism, The Gospel, & 13th

Join us this summer for a series on what it means to be a Kingdom People. The first three episodes of our summer series will follow the work we are undertaking to be the church by committing to the work of anti-racism.

On this Juneteenth, join with Rev. Sara Wilhelm Garbers, community and staff member Laura VanderTop, and Dr. Christian Collins Winn as they discuss their learnings and noticings gleaned from watching the film 13th in conversation with our invitations to live the gospel in view of the histories and present realities of racism in our world.

The film  13th, a powerful and sobering history detailing the dehumanization and criminalization of black people in the United States. Here’s the link to a free YouTube stream, and here’s the companion prayer and discussion guide.

You can join with us in watching, growing, learning, praying, and becoming together by visiting our website.

As we begin our conversations, we want to create a common approach. Here are our agreements as we begin this journey toward anti-racism (credit: Courageous Conversation)

1.  Stay engaged 
(do your best to be emotionally, intellectually, morally, and socially present in the conversation)

2. Experience discomfort
(talking about race inevitably creates discomfort, so instead of trying to avoid the discomfort, just notice it)

3. Speak your truth
(share your actual thoughts and feelings as they arise, not just what you think others want to hear)

4. Expect and accept non-closure
(much like the discomfort, be OK with uncertainty and welcome the process)

We’re eager to trust Jesus as we follow him into making a more racially just world together. Let’s begin.

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