Loving God’s Earth: A Theology of Creation (Session 1)

A Theology of Creation

Sundays from 11:00am – 12:00pm via Zoom (beginning April 11th) 
Zoom ID: 541-870-2251

Join us for a class exploring theology and Creation. This five-week study will explore biblical, theological, and ethical resources for loving God and creation.

1. Intro & Overview (4/11)

2. A Biblical Theology of Creation, Part 1 (4/18)

3. A Biblical Theology of Creation, Part 2 (5/2)

4. Living Theology, Loving God’s Earth, Part 1 (5/9)

5. Living Theology, Loving God’s Earth, Part 1 (5/16)

Our Collective Psalm that we wrote in class together:

Praise God for the spring rain that brings the flowers.

I praise God everywhere in my gardens.

I praise you Lord for your mountains where I see your power of creation…and for the lakes that bring me your peace and calmness.

The ocean roars and is turbulent and yet at times are silent and calming.

The sky is a tapestry of light and dark.

Thank you for the buds on the tress, the new plants, and the new life created in the spring.

I praise you for the songs of nature – rushing water and songs of bird – that remind us we are never alone; you are with us always I thank you for hearing the wonderful sounds of the pileated woodpeckers in my backyard. (Though I’m not thankful when they are pecking my house).

And I am grateful for a house with siding that they can’t penetrate…. I worship you God of color.

God, for the heavens and stars I give you thanks… And I thank you that even though you care for the vastness of the galaxies that you still see and love me as a part of this creation.

I give you praise for the native plants and trees that filter our polluted waters as they enter our rivers and lakes.

We give you praise and thanks, oh God of all creation.

Might we live our lives as acts of praise. AMEN.

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