Being a Resurrection People: Episode #1

During this strange time, one of my greatest locations of localized anxiety has been my concern that people in the community of faith where I am a minister might be feeling particularly isolated and unseen. Thus, I’ve been working collectively with others to offer intentional opportunities for people to connect for worship (via YouTube or Facebook), for community gatherings and prayer (via zoom), and then, to some opportunities to dig a bit deeper on their own time.

In view of this desire, my colleague and friend Dr. Christian Collins Winn (and now, Teaching Minister at Colonial Church!) decided we’d launch an audio conversation between now and Pentecost for us to collectively consider what it means to be a resurrection people.Our central weekly question: “What does it mean to be a resurrection people?”

Please take a listen (it’s about 25 minutes), and then write me a comment here or on Facebook or Instagram as I’d love to hear your thoughts, response, and engagement!

Might we be a people who go more deeply into the darkness that we might also discover more and truer life for us all.

Click HERE to listen.

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