Easter Sunrise Audio Experience: Hope Interrupts Death

At Colonial Church where I am a pastor, we typically host a sunrise service. It’s amazing…the group gathered on a hill awaits the morn together. The bagpipes play. A cross is on the hill. And then, like a long awaited miracle, the sun rises and the dawn is reborn.

Obviously, in this time of Coronavirus, we won’t be gathering in person so I created a podcast experience of the sunrise service I was supposed to lead.

This 20-minute audio journey is intended to accompany you tomorrow as you await the rising of dawn and new life in Christ. As you listen…perhaps you’ll go for a walk, or perhaps you will listen to over a cup of coffee. However you come, may you know you are not alone.

So let us together hold vigil as we, together, await and long for the morn.


Click HERE to listen.

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