A Note to G

January 5, 2016

Dear G- I love you!

My G- Christmas 2015

I can’t believe that a new year has sprung; you are now 81.

Sometimes I wonder about you–about the world that you knew back in 1940, ’41, and ’42.

Why and when did you cry?

When did you feel and know you were alive?

When did the terror come and how did you find solace in its wake?

G–for those moments of joy (your namesake), and for those of deep suffering…

My thoughts and prayers are with that you of old;

that younger self who never could have known the places you have been.

First Covenant Church Minneapolis (where I now am on staff!) Confirmation Class of 1949- G is in the back row, 4th from the right


And I want you to know that I cry with you

and I laugh with you

And I want that you of young and the you of older now—I want you both to know

Listening to Nat King Cole through tears and snuggles- Just sitting with her brings me life- Christmas 2015

you are loved

you are held

you are missed

you are gift and treasure

You deserve only kindness and goodness.

And I- I will fight for her and for you and for a world where all little girls and old women

are held

and honored   …    and loved

          G-with her Grandkids (plus a great-grand on the way!)- Mackenzie, Luke, G, Sara, Evin and baby Harvey in the oven- Christmas 2015

And I- I love you



you will

ever know


Through tears,

your girl- sara

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