Be The Church #2: The Color of Law

This fall, our podcast series “Be the Church” will feature two monthly episodes, the first one each month focuses on our sermon series and what we’re learning about the Bible and ourselves,  and the second episode of each month focuses on our Faith & Justice text for the month.

In this second episode, join Rev. Sara WG and Dr. Christian Winn as they set the table for Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law, which explores one key cog where racism has influenced our nation’s systems: housing.

This book will be the topic of conversation at our first Faith and Justice virtual gathering. We invite you to purchase a copy at the church or wherever you buy books and come with your thoughts and questions for our virtual conversation on October 6th. Click here to learn more about that gathering.

You can pick up your copy of the book at Church and then join us on Tuesday, October 6th at 6:30 pm via Zoom ID: 541-870-2251 for a conversation and discussion about the book and some deeper reflections on how we can continue to Be the Church in our time. Learn more on our website and join us in the conversation!

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