Pastor of Connections / January 2018- Present / Colonial Church (Edina, MN)

  • Foster connections between the community and God
  • Foster spaces for connection between the community and one another
  • Preaching Team / Teaching Team Member


Instructor & Director of Formation and Contextual Education / Sept 2016-January 2018 / United Seminary (New Brighton, MN)


  • Serve as a member of the President’s functional leadership team
  • Continued development an integrative plan for formation at United Seminary, including incoming students, all degree programs and the arc of a student’s career at United, alumni, other external constituencies, and community programming
  • Partner with the Director of Spiritual and Vocational Development on all matters related to student formation & contextual learning
  • Orient new students to formation process
  • Integration of assessment, academic and interview data into an individualized formation plan for each degree seeking student;
  • Steward students’ formation and contextual education processes throughout their educational experience at United
  • Regular review of students’ progress on individualized formational plans and active involvement with Faculty Advisers and applicable Academic Council committees to provide needed interventions and guidance;
  • Identification, selection, assignment and oversight of vocationally relevant work-site experiences;
  • Development of a collaborative working environment involving the Director for Assessment, the Chaplain, Pastoral Care Professors, Academic Advisers, outside counselors and support professionals to ensure strong communication and effective professional integrated oversight of formational work of students;
  • Establish and maintain strong working relationships with denominational leaders and committees responsible for clergy selection and calls as well as other organizational leaders who influence employment opportunities for student graduates, including collaborating with those leaders on the formational development of students
  • Develop and lead formation course offerings
  • Create other advanced and other required formation courses
  • Develop programming for continuing education and mid-career skills augmentation in personal and spiritual formation
  • Work to establish United as the center for personal and spiritual formation inside of progressive theological education

Course Description: This course explores models and themes for formation, various thinking regarding spiritual formation, models of transformation and faith development, and cultural and various dimensions of formation models and traditions. This course will be taught primarily through the use of discussion, case studies, small-group and individual reflection, video, and lecture presentations.
• Develop the course and syllabus as a first time offering for United Seminary
• Center the course around United’s Six Key Qualities
• Build a course that enhances the institutional mission through formation for social transformation

Pastor of Connections  (January 2017- Dec 2017) Ministry Staff & Preaching Team (June 2013-Dec 2016)/First Covenant Church (Minneapolis, MN)

This pastoral position serves as the steward of our connections: the staff with the community; the ministry efforts with the staff and community; and the community with one another. It aims to foster relational spaces for authentic points of connection with the mission and ministry of First Covenant. This position strives to increase efficiency and implementation of the church mission, vision, and values in the life of the community and its members by way of connection. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Pastoral Leadership and Teaching

  • Serve the congregation by providing pastoral support, with unique focus on building congregational relationships and connections with one another and with the ministry of the church
  • Preach regularly
  • Teach classes
  • Core part of Ministry Staff
  • Serve in a ministerial capacity, including but not limited to: pastoral counseling, administering the sacraments, officiating or presiding over weddings and funerals, etc.

Outreach and Follow-Up

  • Direct relational ministry flow
  • Lead efforts, along with other with ministry staff, to ensure community members are invited to connect deeper with FCC
  • Oversee First Impressions and greeting efforts for Sunday morning experiences

Communication and Promotion

  • General oversight of communication efforts coming from the church
  • Responsible for bi-monthly publication of First Things
  • Monitor and lead Facebook and other social media promotion efforts

Strategic leadership and Missional Effectiveness

  • Evaluate, implement, and improve connection efforts within the FCC community
  • Partner with other ministry staff to build systems and processes
  • Staff connections and helping us to ensure that we are leveraging each person around their gifts and how we optimize our connection points
  • Evaluate and strategically plan ministry efforts in collaboration with lead pastor
  • Assist in leading development, articulation, and implementation of mission and vision of the church

Special Projects- Rebranding / May 2016-Dec. 2016 / LeaderWise (New Brighton, MN)

  • Assist in building of office infrastructure
  • Lead re-branding efforts including creation of new website

Research Assistant / September 2013-Spring 2017 / Loyola University (Chicago, IL)

Dr. Hille Haker, Richard A. McCormick, S.J., Chair of Moral Theology (Fall 2013-Summer 2016)

Dr. Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar, Assistant Professor of Theology (Fall 2013 & Fall 2016-Present)

  • Edit faculty writing
  • Built a website for Dr. Hille Haker and developed social media presence
  • Assist with research projects
  • Compose grant applications for McCormick international conference 
  • Assist Dr. Sullivan-Dunbar with book project

Director of Admissions / August 2011-June 2013  / Luther Seminary  (St. Paul, MN)

  • Led admissions team at the largest ELCA seminary in the country
  • Increased enrollment by 6% in one year while also increasing denial rate by 200%
  • Implemented a prospective student communication plan which bolstered missional identity
  • Developed an admissions rubric in line with ATS degree program standards, thereby enhancing assessment prior to enrollment
  • Engaged in ecumenical and intercultural relationship building to enhance campus diversity
  • Created a new scholarship and financial aid process

Associate Director of Admissions (St. Paul & Seminary of the East) /  Jan. 2010-July 2011

Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment (St. Paul only) / Aug. 2007-Jan. 2010

Recruiter  / August 2006-August 2007

Recruitment Assistant / April 2005-August 2006

Bethel Seminary Office of Admissions & Recruitment (St. Paul, MN)

Bethel Seminary of the East (Washington D.C. and New England Locations)

  • Energized recruitment efforts through a focus on Bethel’s institutional ethos and mission
  • Established recruitment plans and implement strategies to achieve goals
  • Served as lead recruiter for a program with most diverse enrollment in institution’s history

(50% students of color in a school with 11% enrollment of students of color)

  • Innovative recruitment strategy (e.g.,- Who’s Who in Community Ministry Dinner)
  • Contributed to a record breaking enrollment fall of 2008 (Total Enrollment: 1,151)


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